Alarm Sensors

Alarm sensors are little bit different from fall prevention alarms. The sensors are designed within pads, belts, arm handles, and things that can be easily incorporated in your daily life. For example a if a sensor pad is placed on a chair and a person suddenly falls off a chair, the reduced pressure on the pad will activate the alarm. The alarm will rearm itself once the person sits on it again. The same goes with arm handles, foot rests, and belts.

Alarm SensorsAlarm Sensors

The Posey 30-Day Single Patient Over-Mattress Sensor Pad is for short term admissions or fall assessment. It alerts staff that a patient has taken weight off the sensor and may be at immediate risk of falling. It comes with a 96 inches long cord. It is designed for over-mattress use with Posey Fall Alarms only.

Alarm SensorsThe Posey Chair Belt Sensor is designed to provide the earliest possible warning that a patient is at immediate risk of falling. It can also be used for wheelchair when additional posture support is needed. It comes with a 24 inches long cord and attaches with screws.

The Posey Add-On Gait Belt Handles are ergonomically contoured soft touch, polymer handles that provide a firmer handhold. The standard gait belts can be upgraded with these vertical hand-grips for better support when assisting patients.

The Posey Wheelchair Bracket screws into any wheelchair back and it is recommended to use by patients at risk for falls.