Fall Prevention Alarms

Fall prevention alarms function like normal alarms but are basically equipped well enough to warn someone of a fall. There are various types of fall prevention alarms such as, pagers, wonder alarms, chair and bed patient alarms, pull cord alarms, etc. All function in various ways depending on the place they are installed. For example the bed patient alarm is used to warn people if a person is falling off the bed or the chair.

Some Useful products for Fall prevention


The Safeguard Motion Wander Alarm for example, is a portable wireless motion sensor system which provides safety to residents. Sender unit of the alarm detects movement of a person and sends a wireless chime signal to the receiver. Once activated, the alarm alerts caregivers that help is needed. It is perfect for use above a door or bed, next to a stairway or to monitor other areas.

Next is the Skil-Care Multi Pro Alarm Unit is one alarm for bed and wheelchair. Simply connect it to any bed or chair sensors to monitor all fall-risk residents. It features light indicator when the alarm is on. It operates on a single 9-volt battery which is included.


The Drive Tamper Proof Pressure Sensitive Chair and Bed Patient Alarm alerts the caregiver with audio alarm when patient gets out of a chair or bed. The pressure sensitive pad connects to the audio alarm. The alarm comes with a safety alert, on and off switch and low battery warning.

The Safe T Mate Personal Fall Monitor has simple and reliable switching mechanism and uses a surface mounted magnet that releases in any direction. It features low battery warning LED and low power consumption circuitry for extended battery life.

Where to buy Fall Prevention Alarm online?

Fall Prevention alarm warns about patient fall. At Patient room a wide range of safety alerm are available from top manufacturer like Skil Care Corp , Proactive Medical, Drive Medical, Mckesson , Posey. Shop now!


All You Need To Know About Fall Prevention


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