Measuring ROM

Range of Motion

Measuring ROMRange of motion refers to the distance and direction a joint can move between a flexed postion and an extended position. Each joint in our body has its own specific range of motion.

When a joint has a reduced ability of motion, it is referred to as having limited range of motion. This issue can be caused by an injury or problems in the joint such as arthritis. This can impair the ability of a joint to move freely and thus reduces its range of motion.

Improving Range of Motion

There are three major types of exercises that can help improve the range of motion of a joint.

  • Passive Range of Motion or PROM – A therapist or a piece of equipment moves the joint with no major effort from the patient.
  • Active Assistive Range of Motion or AAROM – The patient uses the muscles around the joint to exercise but requires some assistance.
  • Active Range of Motion or AROM – Patient individually performs the exercises without any assistance.

Measuring Range of Motion

Baseline AcuAngle Adjustable Feet Inclinometer Baseline 360 Degrees Transparent Plastic Goniometer
Baseline AcuAngle Adjustable Feet Inclinometer
Baseline 360 Degrees Transparent Plastic Goniometer
  • Inclinometers - In general terms, inclinometers are instruments used to measure the tilt, elevation, or depression of a specific object in respect to its gravity. In the medical word, inclinometers are devices used to measure range of motion of a person by allowing medical professionals and researchers compare a subject’s ability to move relative to their relaxed or resting positions. Medical inclinometers are mainly used to measure and evaluate the range of motion about a joint. It is ideal for tracking progress in the physical therapy or sports training fields.
  • GoniometersIn layman’s terms, goniometers are instruments used to measure angles and adjust an object in a specific angular position. In medical terms, a goniometer is used to measure the angles of the joints and their movements. It is generally used for measuring the range of motion of the joints of the finger and the toes. 

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