Bed Trapeze Equipment


Trapeze bars and stands are designed to provide reliable assistance for moving, raising and lowering the body while in bed. A hospital bed trapeze aids patients who are confined to bed to raise and lower their upper bodies independently.  We have a vast collection of trapeze bars and stands which assist patients while moving or during inconvenient transfers. Medical Trapeze is typically a triangular hanging bar that helps users to grab the bar in order to shift their body weight. They provide comfort and ease of operation to both the clients and providers. Choose products from manufacturers like Drive Medical, Graham-Field Health Products, Inc., Invacare Corporation, Healthcraft , Etc.


Types of Medical Trapeze Bars:

  • Traditional designs have some type of bed or ceiling mounting apparatus along with a graspable bar that is attached with a heavy duty chain.
  • There are also free standing trapezes that are placed around and over the patient’s bed


Uses of Trapeze Bars:

  • Provides heightened mobility and leverage for a bed
  • For physical therapy and rehabilitation purposes to help strengthen the torso, arms and upper body.