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Patient Positioners are designed to ensure proper body positioning with correct alignment. Proper positioning is very important for fast recovery of the patient. The preventable injuries like ulcers and nerve damage can be devastating to the patient and may have significant consequences. Selecting the appropriate patient positioning devices can help in such cases. They reduce shear, help in pressure distribution, and prevent pressure injuries. They range from general medical positioners to extremely specialized positioning devices. At Patient Room, we offer a wide assortment of patient positioners from top-selling manufacturers like Core Products, Skil Care, Patterson Medical, Hudson Medical, etc.

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Types of Patient Positioners

Patient positioners are classified into different types on the basis of body parts for which they are used. They are as follows:

  • Arm Positioners: Arm positioners assist in positioning the arm properly and maintaining correct alignment for different medical requirements. Their contoured design keeps the arm in place for fast recovery. 

  • Foot Positioners: Foot positioners aid in proper foot positioning and reduce the pressure exerted on the foot or the ankle. They provide gentle support to the foot and the ankle. 

  • Head and Neck Positioners: Head and neck positioners provide gentle support and correct alignment to the head and the neck. They are designed anatomically to rest the patient's head comfortably. 

  • Knee Positioners: Knee positioners help in keeping the legs in a comfortable position for fast recovery from a surgery, especially lower body procedures. 

  • Body Positioning Wedges: Body positioners help in aligning and positioning the body in a supine, prone, or lateral position. They can be used for a variety of medical procedures. 

  • Bolsters or Positioning Rolls: Bolsters provide support under the different areas of the body. They can be used for both clinical treatment and home use. 

  • Heel and Elbow Protectors: Heel and elbow protectors reduce shear, pressure, and friction on the heels and elbows. They help in preventing dermal ulcers. 

  • Hip Abduction Pillows: Hip abduction pillows are used after a hip surgery to prevent the dislocation of the hip joint.