Arm Positioners

Arm Positioners help position the arm and support it for different medical requirements. They provide a soft support to the entire length of the arm and protect the patients the potential pressure injuries and tissue breakdowns. The contoured design of these arm supports keeps the arm in place and accommodates a variety of angles for the best arm positioning. The cutouts and slices are designed to cradle the natural bent position of the arm. At Patient Room, we offer a wide variety of such arm positioners for surgical positioning of the arm from top-selling brands like Hudson Medical, Patterson Medical, Span America, etc.


Why are Arm Positioners used?

Arm holders are used to perform the following functions: 

  • Help in safely positioning the patient for a wide range of surgical procedures 

  • Provide support and stability that is required for the safe positioning of the arm 

  • Keep the arm in place throughout the procedure 

  • Provide protection to the sensitive areas of the shoulder, elbow, and arm 

  • Help maintain proper arm alignment 

  • Aid in the pressure distribution of the critical pressure points during surgical procedures