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Some Common Bariatric Supplies

  • Bariatric Treatment Tables - Bariatric treatment tables are used during medical procedures to properly position the patient for maximum results with minimum effort. They are wide and strong enough to safely accommodate a bariatric patient.
  • Bariatric Commodes - Bariatric commodes are perfect for bedside use when the bathroom is out of reach. They are also used over toilets to give a height boost. Bariatric Transfer Benches - Bariatric transfer benches are designed with high strength material to safely accommodate heavy weights. They help in transferring the patient from one seating surface to another.
  • Bariatric Overbed Tables - Bariatric overbed tables are oversized to fit over the extra-wide bariatric beds. They are used to provide an extra wide surface for reading, writing, crafts, keeping laptops and many other purposes where having an overbed surface is desirable.
  • Bariatric Patient Lifts - Bariatric patient lifts are designed for safe and secure patient transfers. They transfer patients between the seated surfaces including wheelchairs and toilets.
  • Bariatric Beds - Bariatric beds are used to accommodate overweight individuals. Some of them even come with rails to provide extra support and safety.