Bariatric Products are designed keeping ones bariatric needs in mind. Plus size individuals often need products that can handle their weight while preventing serious safety risks. Bariatric items are made of sturdy materials and reinforced frames to provide ultimate durability, stability, and high weight capacity. Patient Room offers a wide range of high-capacity solutions to all patients irrespective of their weight. Products like bariatric patient lifts, commodes, treatment tables, overbed tables, beds, and transfer benches are available here to make everyday activities more convenient and comfortable. Shop these products from our top-selling brands like Drive, Invacare, Convaquip, Medline and many more only @ Patient Room.

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Some Common Bariatric Supplies

  • Bariatric Treatment Tables - Bariatric treatment tables are used during medical procedures to properly position the patient for maximum results with minimum effort. They are wide and strong enough to safely accommodate a bariatric patient.
  • Bariatric Commodes - Bariatric commodes are perfect for bedside use when the bathroom is out of reach. They are also used over toilets to give a height boost. Bariatric Transfer Benches - Bariatric transfer benches are designed with high strength material to safely accommodate heavy weights. They help in transferring the patient from one seating surface to another.
  • Bariatric Overbed Tables - Bariatric overbed tables are oversized to fit over the extra-wide bariatric beds. They are used to provide an extra wide surface for reading, writing, crafts, keeping laptops and many other purposes where having an overbed surface is desirable.
  • Bariatric Patient Lifts - Bariatric patient lifts are designed for safe and secure patient transfers. They transfer patients between the seated surfaces including wheelchairs and toilets.
  • Bariatric Beds - Bariatric beds are used to accommodate overweight individuals. Some of them even come with rails to provide extra support and safety.