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Being confined to a bed can be challenging for both the bedridden patient and the caregiver. Thanks to bedridden patient care products, patients can now stay safe and sound but also help caregivers in providing daily care. Whether it is a long-term illness, post-surgery recovery, or short-term bed rest, bedridden products provide highest level of patient care without compromising with daily hygiene. At Patient Room, we offer a wide range of bedridden products like bedpads, no-rinse shampoos, shampoo basins, blanket supports, bed rails, overbed tables, bedpans, bed wedges, and many more from top-selling manufacturers like Drive Medical, Medline, Mabis, Maddak, and many more only @ Patient Room.


Types of Bed Ridden Products

  • Bedpads and Underpads - Bed pads provide protection against wetness from bed baths, incontinence, or spills. 
  • Bedside Bathing Products - Bedside bathing supplies include products like shampoo basins and no-rinse shampoos. They help in maintaining daily hygiene without compromising with the user comfort. 
  • Blanket Lifters - Blanket lifters help in raising the blanket above the feet to protect sensitive areas and keep the weight of the blanket off the feet. 
  • Pillows & Bed Wedges - Bed wedges and pillows help in elevating parts of the body to the position that is best for recovery. 
  • Foam Mattress Overlays - Foam mattress overlays are designed to reduce pressure and bed sores while increasing user comfort. 
  • Bed Rails - Bed rails provide safety from potential bed falls and also help users in getting in and out of the bed. 
  • Over Bed Tables - Overbed tables provide a convenient platform to eat, work, play cards, use a laptop, etc. while sitting on the bed. 
  • Bedpans - For people who are bed ridden, toileting often becomes a problem. Bedpans help in such situations by providing an easy way to urinate while lying on the bed.


Where to buy Bed Ridden Aids online?

Patient Room offers a wide range of bed ridden products from various top-selling manufacturers like Drive Medical, Medline, Mabis, Maddak, and many more. Browse our extensive range to select the Product that best suits your needs.


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