Bolsters or Positioning Rolls

Bolsters or Positioning Rolls are used to provide support under the arms, legs, feet and other areas of the body. They are a versatile positioning aid for the body that can be used for both clinical treatment and home use. Therapy bolsters assist in stretching, muscle toning exercises or positioning a patient during therapy. They provide a gentle support wherever it is needed the most. Shop from a wide range of bolsters or positioning rolls from top-selling names of the industry like Oakworks, Graham Field, Core Products, etc. @ discounted prices!

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How are Bolsters helpful?

  • Help in positioning the patient safely for a wide range of procedures 

  • Used in physical therapy treatments where proper patient positioning is required 

  • Provide support and stability during medical procedures 

  • Protect bony prominences from pressure sores 

  • Offer pain relief in some positions 

  • Help in sleeping or laying down comfortably 

  • Safely position the lower back for extra support 

  • Take pressure off the knees and spine 

  • Help elevate the legs for extra pain relief 

  • Provide a cushion between the legs