Exam Gloves

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Types of Exam Gloves

Examination gloves can be classified into different types based on the following parameters:

  • Sterility - Based on the sterility, exam gloves can be classified into non-sterile and sterile examination gloves. 

  • Material - Exam gloves are usually made from three types of materials, namely latex, cotton, vinyl, and nitrile. Latex gloves are widely used when a person wants disposable gloves. Vinyl gloves are recommended for people with latex allergies. Nitrile gloves can resist a number of chemicals. 

  • Disposal - Whether a person wants to dispose of the gloves after one use or use them again, determines the use of disposable and reusable gloves. 

  • Lubricant - Based on the lubricant, exam gloves can be classified into powdered or non-powdered gloves.