Head and Neck Positioners

Head and Neck Positioners cradle the head, align the spine and reduce tension in the neck and back. They are anatomically designed to provide cervical support and make the patient's head rest comfortably. Their comfortable and contoured fit provides support, elevation, pressure redistribution, and proper alignment of the head and neck. These neck supports decrease neck pain symptoms, anti-inflammatory medications, and more. Shop a wide range of head and neck positioners from the top-selling brands like Core Products, Hermell Products, Hudson Medical, Patterson Medical, etc. @ Patient Room!

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How do Head and Neck Positioners help?

  • Provide balanced pressure distribution to the back of the head 

  • Help in supporting and elevating the head and neck 

  • Designed carefully for optimum stability while in use 

  • Assist in the proper neck and spinal alignment 

  • Protect and support facial features in the prone position 

  • Anatomically designed to provide maximum exposure to operative sites 

  • Cut-outs in the neck positioners allow for secure placement of the respiratory tubes 

  • Provide protection to the head, ear, and other crucial pressure points 

  • Useful in lateral, supine, and prone positions