Heel and Elbow Protectors

Heel and Elbow Protectors are designed to reduce the pressure, shear, and friction on the heels and elbows. They maintain skin integrity and help prevent the formation of dermal ulcers. Their comfortable material feels great against the skin and promotes air circulation while dissipating heat. Heel and elbow protectors provide impact absorption to prevent injuries to heels and elbows. They allow a relaxed prolonged fit and wear without constriction. Shop from a wide range of these heel and elbow guards from top-selling brands like Skil Care, Posey, Patterson Medical, Medline @ discounted prices!

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What is the use of Heel and Elbow Protectors?

Heel and elbow protector pads provide the following functionalities: 

  • Provide support, stability and protection for the heels and elbows 

  • Distribute the pressure evenly to reduce the risk of painful pressure sores 

  • Can be used in OR, nursing homes, sports, rehab, or home care settings 

  • Offer protective padding when the patient is in the supine or lateral positions 

  • Help increase patient protection and comfort 

  • Help in maintaining proper body alignment