Patient Care

The therapies, treatment methods, and equipment used to maximize the comfort of the patient before, during, or after a medical condition, is collectively known as patient care. Patient care aids are the items that aid in the process of caring for the patient and making sure that the patient is safe and comfortable during the whole process of treatment. These aids help the patient rest, clothe them, and also aid them in basic activities such as eating, bathing, urinating, sleeping, etc. Patient care has become a need in today’s world and we at Patient-Room understand this need. With top quality products from top selling brands such as Medline, Nestle Nutrition, Abbott, etc., we have partnered with the best to bring you the best.

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Patient Care and Clothing

Patient care also necessarily cares about the clothing of the patient, as the wrong kind of clothing can cause many minor problems for the patient that might make the treatment process a bit irritating. The clothing that comes under patient care comprises of light, comfortable, and soft materials that can be worn as gowns, aprons, robes, or shorts. The material of the clothing should be safe and shouldn’t be allergic to the patient. 


Patient care also takes care of protecting the clothing by including bibs and clothing protectors that allow the person to eat carefree, without worrying about dirtying their clothes. These protectors are either absorbent or are hydrophobic, where the liquid just rolls off the surface.

Patient Care and Sleeping

Patient care has a very comfortable approach to sleeping by providing bed-sheets, quilts, and pillows that are specially designed for patient comfort. They are made of breathable material which is also soft and comfortable to use. The material is usually hypoallergenic and the breathability allows the foul odor to exit the bedding swiftly. 


Positioning the patient while in bed is also an important part of patient care. These positioners are of a specific shape and help shape or align different parts of the body. They include, head and foot positioners, torso positioners, positioning wedges, immobilizers, etc.

Patient Care and Eating

A lot of medical conditions put the patient in a situation where consuming food in the standard way becomes a difficulty. This is where patient care brings in the concept of enteral feeding. Also referred to as artificial feeding, a feeding tube is inserted into the body via the mouth, the nose, or an orifice specially created on the abdomen. Food is then supplied to the patient via the feeding tube. 


But we cannot supply solid food via the tube, instead, we use tube feeding liquid which is specially formulated liquid food that provides all the necessary nutrients for proper nutrition.

Patient Care and Incontinence

Incontinence can be an embarrassing condition if the right kind of equipment and care isn’t administered on the right time. Patient care helps you avoid any embarrassment. 


Kidney bags and emesis trays that can be used to collect exudate from wounds, or liquid or solid waste. Their application is the most with incontinence. They are used alongside catheters and drainage bags to help clean up. 


Patient care also include bedpans and bedside urinals that help a patient relieve themselves even while in bed. They are also applicable for bedridden people who cannot get up every now and then to go to the toilet.