Patient Transfer

Patient transfer refers to transferring a patient from one place to another. Sometimes, patient’s with mobility issues or motor disabilities find it difficult to get on and off the bed or other places such as the bathtub or the commode. It also makes it easy for the caregiver to ensure the safety of the patient while moving them from one place to another. The people that usually require patient transfer aids are those who are bedridden, suffer from mobility issues, or have undergone surgery in the recent time. Patient transfer aids from Patient-Room are your perfect partner to all transfer needs. With a wide range of transfer products such as transfer sheets & boards and patient lifts, we offer the best of the brands such as Drive Medical, Invacare, Bestcare LLC, etc.

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Types of Patient Transfer Aids

  • Transfer Sheets - Made of synthetic materials, these sheets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The help transferring the patient from a wheelchair or stretcher on to the bed. The patient carefully gets on to the sheets and then slides down to the bed or the desired place.
  • Transfer Boards - They are either made of wood or synthetic materials and are sturdier than sheets. They come in an number of options such as straight or standard boards, curved boards, and boards with a sliding mechanism. The patient gets on to one side of the board and slides down to the other side, thus completing the transfer
  • Transfer Discs - They are apt for people who want to move around in their chair or are transferred from a seating position. The discs can swivel in a 360° motion. The patient must have a considerable amount of upper body strength to use the disc and hence the transfer disc is not recommended for people with weaker upper extremities
  • Transfer Systems - They are cross between the transfer boards and transfer discs. A transfer system is appropriate for people who have weak upper body strength. The patient has to just sit on the disc which is then slid down the transfer board into position
  • Patient Lifts - They are usually recommended for people with less upper body strength. Patients who cannot move any part of their body with ease have to usually use lifts to move around. There are six different types of patient lifts, manual lifts, power lifts, stand-up lifts, bariatric lifts, pool lifts, and bathtub lifts
  • Patient Slings - They are not used separately but are a part of the patient lift system. There are a number of different slings such as U slings, full body slings, bathing and toileting slings, and stand up slings
  • Gait Belts - Shaped like ordinary belts, they are primarily used by caregiver to lift the patient. The patient wears them like an ordinary belt, thus reducing the strain on the lumbar and the pelvis while moving

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