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Scrubs are sanitary clothing that is worn by medical professionals involved in patient care. They were originally designed for surgeons and operating room personnel who perform surgeries. Nowadays, these surgical scrubs are worn by many hospital workers to protect themselves from cross contamination. Not only hospitals, they are also used in other work environments where regular clothing may come in contact with infectious agents. At Patient Room, we offer a wide range medical scrubs including scrub tops, scrub pants, and scrub jackets. Browse through them to complete your healthcare uniform.

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How Are Medical Scrubs Helpful?

  • Help in preventing cross-contamination: Scrubs prevent the skin and personal clothing from coming in direct contact with infectious agents, thereby eliminating cross contamination. 

  • Protect the personal clothing: Scrubs protect personal clothing from bodily fluids like urine, vomit, blood, etc. and chemicals, thereby preventing them from getting spoiled. 

  • Provide storage for easy access of medical tools: Medical scrubs with pockets provide ample of space to store small medical equipment like pens, pencils, pen lights, scissors, gloves, etc. 

  • More hygienic as compared to regular clothing: Scrubs are usually washed by healthcare facilities before they are worn again by doctors and nurses. Harsh washing by healthcare facilities ensure that the scrubs are more hygienic than regular clothing. 

  • Make it easy to identify hospital personnel: Different colored scrubs distinguish hospical staff into different departments like cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, neonatal care, etc. 

  • Make the organisation uniform: Similar scrubs make a medical setting look uniform and professional.

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