Syringes are used to supply medication in liquid form directly into the body. They are also use for other purposes like irrigation, fluid extraction, and measurement. A Syringe is a kind of pump that consists of a piston (or plunger) that fits into a tube known as a barrel. This plunger can be pulled out fir intake of the medicine and pushed in for delivery of the medicine. The liquid enters or exits through a front opening called the orifice in the front. This orifice can be connected to a hypodermic needle, nozzle or tubing that helps in directing the flow of medication. Syringes may be composed of glass or plastic along with quantity indications for measurement. Syringes are always transparent and come with a rubber piston. The rubber helps in better securement and since these materials are cheap the syringes can be disposed after use, thereby reducing the chances of blood borne diseases. Following are the uses of Syringes: 

  • For injecting medicines into the body 

  • In intravenous infusion therapy for infusing the medicine directly into the bloodstream 

  • Applying compounds like glue or lubricants 

  • Measurement purposes

Types of syringes:

Standard U-100 insulin syringes

Insulin syringes are generally made for self-injection and possess the following features:

  • Shorter needles for subcutaneous (under the skin) injection instead of intramuscular
  • Finer needles for less pain
  • Are marked with measurements in order to measure the dosage of insulin. 
  • Lesser dead space in order to reduce complications related to improper drawing order of various insulin strengths.

Multishot needle syringes

These special syringes are designed to refill after each injection from a built in reservoir, so that several dosages can be given using the same syringe. These type of needles are rarely used due to a risk of contamination.

Venom extraction syringes

These syringes are specially designed to extract exudate (venom) from the wound without puncturing the wound. These syringes create a vacuum that sucks out the venom from the wound.


These are syringes that are used as a measuring instrument for measuring dosage of medicines accurately. They are often used with small children or animals to deliver medicines directly into the mouth.

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