Isolation Gowns

Isolation Gowns protect the users and their clothing from fluids such as blood, mucus, or other high-risk body fluids that can cause contamination. They prevent the spread of infectious agents from an infected patient or environment to susceptible people. These protective gowns are generously sized to cover as much of the body as is appropriate for the intended use and feature long waist ties for a secure fit. At Patient Room, we offer a wide range of isolation gowns from top-selling brands like Medline Isolation Gowns, Medline Industries, Cardinal Health Isolation Gowns, Cardinal Health, Mckesson Isolation Gowns, Mckesson, etc.


How To Choose The Right Isolation Gown?

Consider the below-given factors while selecting a gown as PPE:

  • Purpose of use: Isolation gowns are usually preferred where there is a high risk of contamination. They should cover you properly and have long sleeves that will fit snugly at the wrist. 
  • Material Properties: Material of the isolation gowns should be comfortable and should suit your body type. It is the material that dictates whether the gown is disposable or reusable. 
  • Fluid Resistance: Cotton and synthetic protective gowns vary in their degree of fluid resistance. If there are chances of fluid penetration, then a fluid resistant gown should be chosen. 
  • Sterility: The last factor relates to whether a clean, rather than a sterile gown can be used. Clean gowns are suitable for contact isolation. But if the wearer is to involve into some invasive procedures, then sterile gowns are preferred.