Transfer benches

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Types of Transfer Benches

  • Standard Bath Transfer Benches - The height can be adjusted and the backrest can be removed if needed. The seat is made of plastic and is durable
  • Padded Bath Transfer Benches - It is similar to a standard bench with the only difference of it being padded. The padding is made of foam and is covered with water-proof vinyl
  • Sliding Bath Transfer Benches - They have a mobile chair resting on a pair of rails. The patient can themselves move down the bench without the help of a caregiver
  • Tub-Mount Sliding Transfer Benches - This is a perfect option for bathrooms that are small in size. The benches are clamped onto the walls of the bathtub and are sturdy enough to hold the patient comfortably

Features of Transfer Benches

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Helps a patient mover from one place in the bathroom to another
  • Can be securely placed in the bathroom
  • The rubber pads under the legs promote stability on wet surfaces as well
  • The seating is comfortable and safe