Treatment Tables

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Types of Treatment Tables

  • Hi-Lo Treatment Tables - Their height can be adjusted easily using a switch and cranking system. They are highly flexible and ergonomic in nature
  • Bariatric Treatment Tables - They are built to support bariatric patients and have a strong and steady build
  • H-Brace Treatment Tables - The frame is based on the h-brace concept that allows it to remain strong and durable for years together
  • Changing Treatment Tables - It is durable and most recommended for people who use the table frequently in a day. They also have storage cabinets
  • Pediatric Treatment Tables - They have prints of cartoons and animals on the sides to entertain and engage children
  • Adjustable Back Treatment Tables - They have an adjustable back rest for people who regulate between sleeping and sitting during the treatment

Benefits of Treatment Tables

  • Can support the weight of one person stably
  • Are strong and durable
  • Padded with comfortable cushion material to provide comfort
  • Can be used for prolonged hours
  • Breathable material to avoid irritation
  • Comes with adjustable features such as height adjustment, backrest adjustment, length adjustment, etc.