Tube Feeding Formulas

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Different Types of Tube Feeding Formulas

Nutritional requirements are different for different individuals. The type of tube feeding formula you are recommended depends on a number of factors like your weight, height, medical condition, activity level and many more conditions. Tube feeds are basically classified into the following types: 

  • Standard / Polymeric Tube Feedings: Standard tube feeds contain intact nutrients which are not broken down. They require some additional work to be digested by the digestive system. 

  • Elemental Tube Feedings: Elemental tube feeds are nutritionally complete. They contain protein equivalent and fats which are in their simplest form. They are considered to be predigested formulas which are easy to digest but still need minimal digestive function. 

  • Specialized Formulas: They are nutritionally complete products, designed to meet the requirements of individuals with specific health conditions.