Invacare Roze Premium Power Stand-Up Patient Lift
Invacare Roze Premium Power Stand-Up Patient Lift

Invacare Roze Premium Power Stand-Up Patient Lift

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The Roze Premier Series Stand-Up Lift features easy maneuverability to facilitate safe patient lifts and transfers. This lift is constructed with a light aluminum frame, reducing the overall weight of the lift and the strength required of a caregiver to maneuver the lift. It provides caregivers with safety while giving patients as much assistance as they need. A large push handle also makes transfer easier and safer.

Roze Premium Stand-Up Lift Includes

  1. Knee pad
  2. Sling attachment
  3. Footplate
  4. Casters

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Item# ROZE

  • Standing Assist Sling
  • Transfer Sling
  • Total: $5899.99
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Total: $5899.99
Total: $4999

Why Choose Invacare Roze Premium Power Lift?

  • Height-adjustable knee pad for user comfort
  • Large push handle and simple sling attachment simplify everyday transfers
  • A small footprint combined with lightweight construction provides easy maneuverability
  • Multi-function sling allows for quick toileting, stand to assist or full-support seated transfer
  • Anti-entrapment motor safety device
  • The unique height-adjustable knee pad and 450 lbs weight capacity easily accommodates the majority of residents in your facility
  • With a large push handle, lighter steel and aluminum construction and simple sling attachment, it is easy to accomplish everyday transfers
  • For those who only need help rising, simply remove the footplate
  • A small footprint combined with lighter-weight aluminum and steel construction provides easy maneuverability
  • Offers flexibility for users only needing help rising
  • Has removable footplate
  • 26 To 44" Base Width
  • 42" Base Length
  • 4-1/2" Under-bed clearance
  • 37" To 63-1/2" Height Range

What to Buy with Power Patient Lift?

How to Use Jasmine Mobility Lift?

Operating the Lift
  • Make sure there is an audible click when mounting battery on the battery charger to confirm proper mounting
  • Otherwise, injury or damage may occur
  • Use the handles to push or pull the patient lift
Lifting the Patient
  • Before positioning the legs of the stand up lift around the patient, make sure that the patient’s feet are out of the way of the foot plate, otherwise injury may occur
  • Adjustments for safety and comfort should be made before moving the patient
  • Patient's arms should be outside of the sling straps
  • Before lifting a patient from a stationary object (wheelchair, commode or bed), slightly raise the patient off the stationary object and check that all sling attachments are secure
  • If any attachment is not correct, lower the patient and correct the problem, then raise the patient and check again
  • During transfer, with the patient suspended in a sling attached to the lift, do not roll caster base over uneven surfaces that would create an imbalance of the patient lift and could cause the patient lift to tip over
  • Use steering handle on the mast at all times to push or pull the patient lift
  • It is recommended to lock the rear swivel casters only when positioning or removing the sling (stand assist or transfer) from around the patient
  • It is recommended that the rear casters be left unlocked during lifting procedures to allow the patient lift to stabilize itself when the patient is initially lifted from a chair, bed or any stationary object
Transferring the Patient
  • Before transferring, check that the product’s weight capacity can withstand the patient's weight
  • Wheelchair wheel locks must be in a locked position before lowering the patient into the wheelchair for transport
Assembling the Lift
  • Do not over-tighten mounting hardware
  • This will damage mounting brackets
Weight Limitation
  • Do not exceed the maximum weight limit of the patient lift
  • The weight limitation for the Jasmine Patient Lift is 450 lbs
Using the Sling
  • Individuals that use the Stand Assist Sling must be able to support the majority of their own weight, otherwise injury may occur
  • Stand Assist Slings:
  • Do not use the stand assist sling in combination with the patient lift as a transport device
  • It is intended to transfer an individual from one resting surface to another (such as a bed to a wheelchair)
  • Before lifting the patient, make sure the bottom edge of the stand assist sling is positioned on the lower back of the patient and the patient’s arms are outside the stand assist sling
  • The belt must be snug, but comfortable on the patient, otherwise the patient can slide out of the sling during transfer, possibly causing injury
  • Transfer Slings:
  • Before lifting the patient, make sure the bottom edge of the transfer sling is at the base of the spine and the patient’s arms are outside the transfer sling
  • Do not raise the patient to a full standing position while using the transfer sling, otherwise injury may occur
  • After each laundering (in accordance with instructions on the sling), inspect sling(s) for wear, tears, and loose stitching
  • Bleached, torn, cut, frayed, or broken slings are unsafe and could result in injury
  • Discard immediately
  • Do not alter slings
  • Be sure to check the sling attachments each time the sling is removed and replaced, to ensure that it is properly attached before the patient is removed from a stationary object (bed, chair or commode)
  • If the patient is in a wheelchair, secure the wheel locks in place to prevent the chair from moving forwards or backwards.
Performing Maintenance
  • Regular maintenance of patient lifts and accessories is necessary to assure proper operation
  • After the first twelve months of operation, inspect all pivot points and fasteners for wear
  • If the metal is worn, the parts must be replaced
  • Perform this inspection every six months thereafter
  • Casters and axle bolts require inspections every six months to check for tightness and wear

Warning: Before using the Patient Sling and Patient Lift, read and understand the Owner’s Manual for proper operation and safety procedures.

Roze Premium Patient Lift Specifications

Height AdjustmentHeight At Sling Hook Up: 37"-63.5" H
DimensionsBase Dimensions: 4.8" H Clearance
44" W Open, 26" W Closed
Caster Options4"
Product Weight117 lbs
Product Weight Capacity450 lbs
BatteryBattery Life Indicator: Audio, Visual
Battery: 24V Rechargeable 2 with Unit
Safety SystemEmergency Controls: Stop, Up and Down
ChargerCharge Time: 6 hrs
Charger Input: 100-240V AC
Charger Output: 29.5 DC Max

Invacare Stand-Up Patient Lift Warranty

3 Year Limited Warranty on Lift and 2 Year Limited Warranty on Electronics

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